Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Review

Panasonic TA1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled with Skype and iFrame (Red)

Panasonic TA1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled with Skype and iFrame (Red)

Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled with Skype and iFrame (Red)

Keep your memories in a new dimension for the Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder is in the midst of providing you exactly what you need and want. Made with promising features, this camcorder will never let you down in times you needed it the most.
Take it everywhere you go for the Panasonic TA-1 is made to be compact and very versatile. It lets you capture moments with great mobility. It has the capability to shoot full HD movies and as well as capture stunning photos. And with its great portability features, you can readily carry it on for it has been built to be ultrathin and lightweight. It has 8 megapixel resolution that provides you clear and still photos for you to savor. Also, you can take out parts of your recording and put it into frames by using its Still Image feature for you not to miss any perfect moment to remember.

Worry no more in shooting in dim lighted situation for this camcorder is equipped with LED light in order for its users to capture bright and crisp images at all times. Get rid of any blur to be shown on your images for its goes with an Electrical Image Stabilization feature that readily corrects the ill effects of hand-shake. Let your creative minds express its thoughts to your pictures with its various Effect function.

Have great connectivity option through its built-in USB. This allows you to have easy and direct connection without any need of bringing a cord or an adaptor. Also, through its USB arm, you can charge now its batteries by simply connecting it to your PC. Easy uploading of your files will also be experienced through its HD Writer PE 1.0 application that automatically starts as you connect your device to your PC. Much more, it has an iFrame mode for its movies that is very compatible with PC and Mac applications. Lastly, being compatible with the Skype’s video call program, you can readily use this device as your own webcam.

The Panasonic TA-1 camcorder has the capability of producing good quality of videos. The sound being produced in its videos are clear enough to be heard. Its still photos look awesome too. It goes with an intuitive operation wherein it has simple buttons that are logical and very straight forward. However, its build is poorly designed. Its user access doors are very flimsy. Buying an additional battery of this device is not an option for it cost too expensive. Lastly, its lens has no covering and entirely exposed to the environment.

The Panasonic TA-1 camcorder has its own pros and cons for you to look at and consider as one of the potential buyers of this device.

Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled with Skype and iFrame (Red)

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