Flip SlideHD Video Camera Review

Flip SlideHD Video Camera - White, 16 GB, 4 Hours

Flip SlideHD Video Camera - White, 16 GB, 4 Hours

Flip SlideHD Video Camera – White, 16 GB, 4 Hours
Save every memory with precision with Flip SlideHD Video Camera. With all the Flip SlideHD features, a new form of excitement is now readily available for you to experience.
The Flip SlideHD is the first ever video camera to showcase a shoot and show feature. With its incredible battery, it can last up to 4 hours of continuous shooting. This device allows you to have recordings of well defined H.264 HD videos that have great compatibility with different applications. A very simple and easy manoeuver button can be used to start up your video capturing. More so, a readily available 3 inch widescreen display is also included for you to watch your videos instantly together with other people. A headphone jack can be used if you prefer to watch your videos privately.


The Flip SlideHD has the capability to store videos with 12 hours duration as well as photos at your convenience. A built-in USB arm is also included for you to easily transfer your files to your own PC. A unique FlipShare software can be freely use that gives you the freedom to arrange accordingly your taken shots. More so, it also provides you the chance to edit and create movies out of your videos. Sharing your priceless memories to others can be done in an instant through its FlipShare attachment and Flip Channels. Direct video uploading can be also done as you continue to share your files through different social networking sites in the internet. Lastly, watching your videos in a full screen will never be a problem as it can be readily connected to your home TV with its Flip Video HDMI cable.

The Flip SlideHD is a compact video camera that everyone loves. Its set-up is such as breeze that you can readily use it without any hassle. Its menu and functions are very intuitive. The mode of transferring files from the device to PC was very self explanatory. More so, its images produced were simply excellent. There were no changes observed even being viewed in the big screen or in the computer display.

Despite of its stunning assets, the Flip SlideHD failed to provide a better zoom range. Having close-up shots were a bit difficult to do. Its sound quality is just good in a quiet ambiance. In making videos at night, halo lights can be seen all throughout. Lastly, its playback comes in very poor condition wherein it jumps and barely viewable.

Overall, being handy and very user-friendly, this device makes up a good investment for you to capture every memorable moment of your life.

Flip SlideHD Video Camera – White, 16 GB, 4 Hours

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