Axion AXN-8705 7-Inch Widescreen Portable LCD TV Review

Axion AXN-8705 7-Inch Widescreen Portable LCD TV (Black)

Axion AXN-8705 7-Inch Widescreen Portable LCD TV (Black)

Axion AXN-8705 7-Inch Widescreen Portable LCD TV (Black)

Watch your favorite movies and TV programs anywhere you are with the Axion AXN-8705 7 inch Widerscreen Portable LCD TV. With its great features, surely there will be no more dull moments.
The Axion AXN 8705 is built with a 7 inch widescreen LCD that lets you play your favorite TV programs. It comes with great adjustments in its brightness for you to experience clear and crisp images. Its screen resolution is composed of 480 x 234 pixels. This portable TV comes with a built in ATSC/NTSC turner that enable you to receive clear reception of your TV programs. As you turn on the device, it will have automatic scanning for the channels available within the area and eventually add or delete the channels as you wish to have.

The Axion AXN 8705 is especially made to have an A/V input for you to readily connect your external audio/video as you use a supplied composite (RCA) input. It has also its own built-in speaker that facilitates in producing good sound quality for everyone to enjoy. However, if you wish to solo your viewings, you can also use headphones as you connect it to its headphone jack for private listening.

This portable television is powered by a built in lithium polymer battery. It can last up to two hours of use without any chance of charging it again. Its charging time could last up to three hours. There is an available AC adapter that you can use if you are located near a power outlet. Good reception can be easily accessed through the use of its telescoping antenna. It has a full frequency range of 54MHz – 863 MHz. Its antenna is made with a magnet base. Furthermore, this portable TV comes in with a card-style remote control. This remote control has an access to most of the TV functions.

The Axion AXN 8705 Portable TV is made to produce great picture and stereo sound quality. It comes with a super light and compact remote. You can have your desktop viewing with the use of its kickstand. This portable TV will never fail you to bring entertainment for it has good reception at all times. Its setup has both manual and automatic station setup. The use of its lithium-polymer battery is a great bonus. Lithium-polymer batteries are considered to be inexpensive. Lastly, its size and weight is a great deal of portability. However, this portable TV does not have any car power adapter to use for charging. This entails you of not being able to use during long hours of traveling.

With all its positive features out of its negative ones, the Axion AXN 8705 portable TV is a good buy for the price it entails.

Axion AXN-8705 7-Inch Widescreen Portable LCD TV (Black)

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