Finis SwiMP3 2G Waterproof MP3 Player Review

Finis SwiMP3 2G Waterproof MP3 Player review

Finis SwiMP3 2G Waterproof MP3 Player review

Finis SwiMP3.2G Waterproof MP3 Player

Are you a swimmer or just love to swim? tired of swimming laps without some entertainment? The Finis SwiMP3.2G Waterproof MP3 Player is the answer to your needs. This will be your revolutionary music companion even when you do your swimming strokes in the pool or at the beach. With a great transmission technology, sounds of your favorite tunes will be clear and vibrant even when you are under water. Look below for what it offers.

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The Finis SwiMP3.2G Waterproof MP3 Player features the Bone Conduction audio transmission where the device enables to bypass the ear canal by vibrating through the bones and sending the sounds directly to your inner ear. This allows for a much clearer sound in the absence of air. This is the system that this Mp3 player uses so that it can deliver you high defining sounds as soon as you submerge under water. You can enjoy music, podcasts, audio books and more easily and comfortably under water. This is also designed not to distract you or interfere while you swim because this has ni uncomfortable earbuds that may fall out as you swim around. It securely attaches to your goggle straps with the hydrodynamic clips and securely rests on your cheekbones. Ideal for swimmers and those who are in need of entertainment while they swim.

Other features

This Finis SwiMP3.2G Waterproof MP3 Player walso features a 2 GB of storage that can hold up to 500 songs and almost 30 hours of music. You can easily load your favorite music by connecting the built-in USB plug to your computer or laptop. This is also iTunes convertible so songs can be easily moved. MP3 and WMA audio formats are supported. Enjoy great music while doing your favorite sport up to 8 hours or more with the rechargeable Lithium0ion Battery. With the superb waterproof construction of this player, you are sure to have a deafening experience under water (in a good way, of course!).

Swimming will never be boring again with this superb Finis SwiMP3.2G Waterproof MP3 Player.

Finis SwiMP3.2G Waterproof MP3 Player Review

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