Archos 28 4 GB Internet Tablet Review

Archos 28 4 GB Internet Tablet (Black)

Archos 28 4 GB Internet Tablet (Black)

Archos 28 4 GB Internet Tablet (Black)

Grab on the coolest music wherever you go with the Archos 28 4 GB Internet Tablet. Provided with the great features for you to try on, this device will never give you any dull moment.
The Archos 28 is considered to be an Android device with tons of application for you to browse on. It goes with a framework being developed by Google to keep you connected and enjoy various applications as you browse the web. It has five home screens in its interface that can be personalized depending on your choice. Also, it has an accelerometer and as well as graphical accelerator that showcases the 3D capabilities of this android device. Being WiFi enabled, it can readily download the latest firmware and the newest OS updates for you to apply.

With its 2.8 inch QVGA resolution display, surely you can see everything clearly. Being touchscreen, it facilitates easy navigation that permits you the music formats that you have making your digital music experience a blast! More so, it is also capable of playing videos in various formats for you to watch on. Save up your photos and have the memories of the latest happenings in your life be with you wherever you are and have it shared to others through wireless network.

Supply your Android device with your most wanted applications. It has a VIA AppsLib store wherein you can download fun 3D games and interesting applications that you can use in playing your music online and being connected with your friends at all time. As long as you stay connected with the Internet, you can freely download the application that you want. The Archos 28 goes with a speedy processor packed with computer features for you to use. As such, no need for you to open your computer and have all the things that you do with your PC in a small hand-held device.

The Archos 28 4GB internet Tablet will definitely give you big smiles as it goes with promising features for you to enjoy. It goes with a widescreen and touschcreen display that facilitates easy browsing of features. You can readily enjoy your mp3 music wherever you are. Also, it facilitates good viewing experience for you videos as it goes with a good video playback quality. Its small size makes it very portable and handy. However, it doesn’t have a good battery life. It has no capability to play an audiobook and it has a very small memory space for storage of files. More so, it goes with a very small keyboard that it is almost impossible to type.

Overall, the Archos 28 Internet Tablet has its own pros and cons for you to check on out of its unbeatable value.

Archos 28 4 GB Internet Tablet (Black)

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