TomTom XL 340-S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator Review

TomTom XL 340-S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

TomTom XL 340-S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

TomTom XL 340-S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

Navigate with precision on all your travels with TomTom XL 340-S Portable GPS Navigator. Grasp its features and be stunned on its excellent performance.
The TomTom XL 340-S is packed with great features that would help you reach any destination you like in Canada, United States and even Puerto Rico. This device includes updated maps of the three countries with a TomTom Map Share application. Points of Interest are readily available as it is preloaded in the device for instant information of your most wanted locations. More so, it has a 30-day map updates for you to have the most accurate maps for you to have.

TomTom devices never lead you to astray for it is equipped with IQ routes technology that guides you on your travel. Also, it has an advanced lane guidance that directs you to the correct lane especially in intersections and exits. In cases of emergency, TomTom lets you access emergency help from different agencies in its Emergency Menu.

Get updates and freebies for your device in TomTom HOME and be updated. Forget any traffic delays for the TomTom has a Traffic Ready feature that sends you updates via your own RDS-TMC traffic receiver that would help you arrive on your destinations on time. Save up money and be wise enough to know where affordable and cheap gas stations are located on your way through its Fuel Price Service.

Have the convenience that you want the best for the TomTom XL 340-S has a user friendly interface and software. It has a plug and go feature that allows you to easily put and remove it to your car. In addition to this, it has an easy port mount for you to keep it steady and in place as you drive along. Lastly, its 4.3 widescreen display makes it very easy for you to see clearly the directions given.

TomTom XL 340-S is packed with features that are essential in efficient navigation. This device has an intuitive navigation tools and formats for you to easily use it. Its advanced lane guidance works well in directing you to exits and freeways. It is very easy to set-up and use. Its screen’s size is very useful to see things clearly. It makes it easy for you to read all the details in the screen. It has a clear sound for you to listen to voice instructions and its touch screen makes it more convenient to browse on in its operational menu and settings. However, a little delay in time when transferring set-up and doing updates of its files can be observed. At times, it lacks some details regarding on the searches of locations that you are doing.

Overall, the TomTom XL 340-S is conveniently built with great features for you to experience a worry and hassle free travel.

TomTom XL 340-S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

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