Magellan RoadMate 1412 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator Review

Magellan RoadMate 1412 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

Magellan RoadMate 1412 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

Magellan RoadMate 1412 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

Free yourself and make your travels be worry free wih Magellan Roadmate 1412 4.3 Inch Portable GPS navigator. Created with the finest features in navigation, this device is worth the buy.
The Magellan Roadmate 1412 is a GPS navigator that is created with combination of great style and performance. It has a 4.3 inch widescreen display that readily shows the details that you need for your travel. Its colored interactive touchscreen makes it so fun and exciting to browse on its features. More so, it shows you your exact position on the map towards your route and destination.

Pave the way of looking to the best places in town to eat, rest, shop and save through its 6 million points of interest. With this, you can easily find the place that you need to go. Its POIs are arranged by category for you to have an easy search and includes a contact number for you to dial on. Its extended NAVTEQ maps allow you to confidently travel countries of Canada, US and Puerto Rico. These maps are preloaded in its SD memory card. Hear directions from its text-to-speech feature wherein you will clearly hear the directions that you need for you to reach your destination.

Read and follow easily its directions through its bold and very intuitive menu option that provides you with greater options to navigate. Being compact and lightweight, this device can be carried everywhere you go. Customize your device by selecting the amenities and services that you want for your device to have. Activate its SmartDetour feature that provides you another way to avoid any slow or stopped freeway traffic. Don’t lose your turn with the use of its auto re-route that quickly allows you to get back on track when you had your detour.

See the maps being provided with Magellan Road 1214 in its 2D and 3D presentation. It goes with a Birds Eye 3D view that facilitates accurate viewing. Traveling at night would be easy with the application of its auto Nightview. With this, the color and contrast of its screen automatically adjusts to its environment. Plan ahead your travel with its multi-destination routing. In terms of reoccurring trips, you can have your personal POIs to be saved up in your device. More so, navigate without being plug in for its battery can last up to 3 hours of use within a single charge. Lastly, give thanks to its Centrality Atlas 3 Processor, you can now experience superior GPS performance in its précised and very reliable navigation features.

The Magellan Roadmate 1412 GPS navigator is a device with good build coupled with competitive navigation performance for you to experience. It goes with a large screen that shows off directions and information clearly in easily readable icons. Its text-to-speech feature can be audibly heard for you to follow through. More so, it has plenty of POIs to choose from and have several routing options for you to look up to. It can easily reach on for a signal and works effectively even in indoor settings. However, it doesn’t have an indoor AC adapter for you to use. its windshield mount arm is a bit short and a bit heavier compared to other GPS devices.

In conclusion, the Magellan Roadmate 1412 GPS navigator comes with its own pros and cons for you to think about and consider.

Magellan RoadMate 1412 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

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