Garmin nuvi 1690 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth Navigator Review

Garmin nuvi 1690 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth Navigator with Google Local Search & Real-Time Traffic Alerts

Garmin nuvi 1690 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth Navigator with Google Local Search & Real-Time Traffic Alerts

Garmin nuvi 1690 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth Navigator with Google Local Search & Real-Time Traffic Alerts

Have a worry-free travel every time you hit the road with Garmin nuvi 1690 4.3 Inch Portable Bluetooth Navigator. Created with great navigational tools, this GPS navigator will bring you great comfort as you drive along to the places you want to see and enjoy.
Travel as if you are not new to the place that you’ve never been before with the use of its Garmin nuLink. The Garmin nuvi 1690 is equipped with a free 2-year nuLink subscription and succeeded with a 60 dollar yearly subscription of its services. Through nuLink, you can freely search the local POIs as well as traffic services that will provide you timely alerts in order for you to avoid any delays caused by traffic or road constructions. Also, it will easily direct you to the shortest route possible that you can have for you to have an efficient road travel.

Stop having a wise guess unto what lane are you going to take for you to have the right upcoming turn for the Garmin nuvi 1690 is made with Lane Assist feature. This application is incorporated with a junction view that will provide you with the details of the correct lane to take as you will be approaching your next turn or exit. This will facilitate familiarity among unfamiliar road intersections and exits for you to have easy navigation. More so, it has the capability of displaying realistic road signs and junctions that have a guided arrow for you to know the proper lane that you need to navigate.

Make use of Garmin nuvi 1690’s fascinating intuitive interface as you navigate along. Look up into its touch color screen that facilitates you easy scanning of the addresses as well as the services that this device have. Also, be guided while keeping your eyes on the road with its turn by turn instructions that can readily speak street names point towards your destination. This device has come up with preloaded City Navigator NT street maps as well as 6 million points of interest that you can freely scan for you to know the best places to check out. More so, it goes with 2D and 3D map application that shows speed limits for almost all of the major roads of Europe and U.S. The maps are designed to showcase digital elevation of the contours of the surrounding terrain that you are travelling into.

Take your calls while driving with no worries for it goes with hands-free calling. The Garmin nuvi 1690 has its own Bluetooth wireless technology that goes with built-in microphone and speaker. With the use of a compatible Bluetooth phone, you can now do hands-free calling anytime you want. Save your money and gas as this device will readily calculate the most efficient route that you can take in reaching your desired destination. Plan your trip ahead of time with its route planning. It has the capability to sort out multiple destinations that you can take along your way to your desired destination. It can display to your screen various speed limits for highways that you are travelling as you go Interstates.

See all the things that you want with great clarity and stillness through its 4.3 inch widescreen display. It goes with brilliant and stunning picture and color quality for you to love and even as you use it in direct sunlight, you can readily read its display for any direction for its goes with a sunlight-readable feature. Lastly, go beyond navigation for this GPs navigator is not just equipped with navigation tools but as well as other features that you can use all throughout your travel.

The Garmin nuvi 1690 GPS navigator brings out great convenience to all its users. It gives you accurate information especially road directions and traffic updates for you not to have travel delays. Also, its Garmni NuLink service is such a helpful tool. It goes with various handy features for you to use. More so, its Bluetooth compatibility is such a great option for you to do hands free calling anytime you opt to do it. However, it goes with a little be slow in is responses. This device comes into its restart mode in random times. Also, it goes with lots of annoying adverts which usually distracts you while you are driving. Lastly, its battery life is not that long enough for it to be carried around as you go walking.

Indeed, the Garmin nuvi 1690 GPS navigator is made with promising features for you to like about but still goes with some improvements for you to consider.

Garmin nuvi 1690 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth Navigator with Google Local Search & Real-Time Traffic Alerts

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