Samsung Convoy 3 (Verizon Wireless) Cellphone Review

Samsung Convoy 3 (verizon Wireless)

Samsung Convoy 3 (verizon Wireless)

Samsung Convoy 3 (Verizon Wireless)

One thing about the high technology gadget nowadays is their ability to withstand the strong outdoors. This is why giant tech company Samsung thought about developing the perfect companion for consumers who love or who work the outdoors. The Samsung Convoy 3 (Verizon Wireless) is the perfect companion phone for those who would like a reliable gadget that they can carry with them without the worry of damaging it in a short time. This is built tough and outdoor friendly, great for those who work hard outdoors or those who love to journey the world. Let us take a closer look at this cool cellphone below.

Mighty and Reliable Outdoor Companion

The Samsung Convoy 3 (Verizon Wireless) is the flip phone for Verizon Wireless that can handle your outdoor hobbies, hard job sites and your everyday active lifestyle. This is very much ideal for those who have most of their time in the outdoors.  This is built to strict military specs and can stand up to shock, extreme temperatures, dust, humidity and weathers. This has a 2.4 inches interior display and a 1.3 inches exterior display. This also comes with a simple 3.2 MP camera with flash and video recording that will enable you to capture basic photography for work or personal uses. With the 512 MB storage and a microSD expansion, you will have enough memory to do your everyday needs for a cellular phone. the 3G connectivity even allows you to surf the internet and web needs. For quick talking, it is enabled with push to talk designed with dual microphone feature with noise cancellation technology. You can also do other basic functions and needs like texting and calling. There is also a built in audio player for your media and music needs. The Opera Mini HTML browser is great for surfing and connecting to your favorite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Other Notable Features

The Samsung Convoy 3 (Verizon Wireless) also has a cook GPS navigation and location services that is vital for your travel needs and also for users who often drive. The Bluetooth connectivity will also enable you to share media and photos to friends and family. The overall external look of the phone is also rugged and great fit for outdoors. It is also modern looking but looks like something that fits someone active and loves adventure. This is also built with a reliable battery life of up to 5.5 hours of talk time. Also, the hands free feature is perfect for those who want something with voice command to do all the text, call and looking up a contact.

Samsung Convoy 3 (Verizon Wireless) Review

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