Kodak EasyShare M380 Digital Camera Review

Kodak EasyShare M380 Digital Camera (Red)

Kodak EasyShare M380 Digital Camera (Red)

Kodak EasyShare M380 Digital Camera (Red)

Save gratifying scenarios of life experiences with Kadak EasyShare M380 digital camera. With its unique and interesting features, you will never stop taking your memories into frames.
Go as big as you can with your prints with its 10.2 megapixels. This allows you to make cropping and editing a lot easier without distorting the picture quality. Be close as possible to your subject with its 5x optical zoom lens. Crisp details are within your midst for the EasyShare M380 goes with Kodak Retinar Aspheric Lens. More so, get away of any blur as it directly reduce the occurrence of blurriness through its Blur reduction feature.

See things clearly in its 3.0 inch widescreen colored display. Auto rotate your pictures as you desire to shoot and view your pictures either horizontally or vertically. Worry no more of your shots for the EasyShare M380 is equipped with Smart Capture settings that works automatically. These features make automatic adjustments to perfectly fit to any environment setting that you are taking pictures with. In addition, it has HD picture quality that allows you to see your pictures in high definition HDTVs.

Be more creative in taking your pictures by using different applications that would boost your every shot. The Kodak EasyShare M380 has a face detection feature that can identify subject’s faces and thoroughly adjust its settings. High ISO is also included for fast and low lighted scenarios. More so, choose from the different scene modes that are available for you to use in various scenarios you want to take pictures with.

To better enhance to outcome of your pictures, use the Kodak PERFECT TOUCH Technology. Add some personalized text and sound tags of your photos and videos for you not to forget every detail of it. Keep your files organize and have the simplest way of editing and creating personalized memories with Kodak EasyShare Software. Most importantly, don’t forget to share your memories to others through its one button upload in its Share button.

The Kodak EasyShare M380 comes in a compact, stylish design with great portability. It can perfectly fit in your purse or even in your pocket where you could carry it around. Its 5x optical zoom lens is a big help for me in capturing moments from a distant. More so, its rechargeable batteries last long for me to capture every detail of unforgettable happenings. Most importantly, it has a good LCD screen that allows you to browse on sufficiently in its settings and files.

However, it pictures seem to have low quality. It seems to look unrealistic and taking pictures and recording at night are even worst. More so, camera response time is a bit slow for you to miss some important shots.

With the features it has for its very affordable price, the Kodak EasyShare M380 is a good buy for you to have.

Kodak EasyShare M380 Digital Camera (Red)

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